Employed at Red Hat. Working on Red Hat Virtualization, mostly in the area of the virtual machine life cycle, with a focus on the backend and related technologies. After Red Hat Virtualization had been switched to the maintenance mode, moved to the automotive team, where I have been working in the area of virtualization too, closer to QEMU and Linux kernel.
Employed at BRAILCOM o.p.s. as one of two principal software developers. Development and maintenance of Web and GUI application development frameworks based on Python and PostgreSQL, successfully used for development of custom commercial and non-profit applications. Work on various software projects for the blind and visually impaired: Speech Dispatcher and the SSIP protocol; speechd-el speech and Braille user interface to Emacs; Festival speech synthesis extensions; Czech speech synthesis implemented in Festival; Trafika newspaper center for the blind; Brailchem accessible chemistry tool; Singing computer song synthesis tool; Biblio digital library for the blind; Brailshop sale support system; Ebooks project for making accessible textbooks for the blind.
Freelancing. One of the core designers and developers of a Python framework for rapid and customizable specification of GUI screen forms with PostgreSQL database bindings, serving as a base for implementation of a banking and accounting system. Design and implementation of a simple intranet Web based information system.
Employed at Qbizm technologies, a.s. One of the core designers and developers of the Web development component toolkit called HyperQbs. Work on documentation processing and testing utilities. Development in Java/J2EE, using XML, GNU/Linux platform.
Employed at PVT_a.s., the Internet division (PVT.NET). Development of internal tools supporting ISP operation, mostly based on PostgreSQL and MySQL database engines and the Python language environment, running on GNU/Linux systems.
Partially employed at Foresta_SG,_a.s. Working as a system administrator and programmer. Administration of various Unix systems, especially GNU/Linux. GIS related programming and programming of system administration utilities. Programming in C/C++, AWK, shell, Python on Unix and MS Windows.

Voluntary Projects

Debian developer.
Occasional GNU contributor (Emacs, GNATS).


Post-graduate study of computer science at Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University, focused on logic programming. Quit unfinished.
Master degree in computer science, excellent rating. Master thesis focused on logic programming.
Study of computer science at Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic.

Experience And Special Skills

Direct experience in the following roles:

  • Software design
  • Software implementation
  • System administration
  • Documentation writing, processing and reviewing
  • Automated software testing
  • Packaging and integration
  • Public presentation
  • Free Software project leadership

Software development areas:

  • System programming
  • System administration utilities
  • Database programming (SQL)
  • Virtualization
  • Application and user interface programming
  • Web programming
  • GIS programming
  • Bug tracking systems
  • Software packaging and distribution

Programming languages and techniques:

  • Procedural programming (C, C++, Rust)
  • Logic programming (Prolog, Mercury)
  • Declarative programming (Prolog, Mercury, SQL)
  • Object oriented programming (Common Lisp, Python, Java, C++)
  • High-level programming (Common Lisp, Elisp, Python, CLIM)
  • Scripting (shell, AWK, Python)


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